Life Update

Whew! So our sweet secret is finally out and man has it been hard to keep! I have been SO incredibly sick this pregnancy. Between the migraines, nausea, the exhaustion & more, it has left me living on the couch in almost tears because I cannot take care of myself, much less my twins. I have been behind on work and even more- behind on life! Although I am SO thankful for this pregnancy and this baby growing, it has been very difficult thus far. Poor Z has had to pick up every bit of my slack and more and has not complained one time- thank you Z for being my lifesaver! Seriously, I could not do it without him and my mom helping me through this every step of the way all while trying to keep this tough secret! I feel like I’ve done so much apologizing and making excuses, but everyone around me, my assistant, brands I’m working with and even my friends have been amazing and so understanding. 

So if you’re wondering why I’ve been so MIA these past TWELVE weeks, it’s because I’ve been trying to survive and telling myself over and over, “You can get through these next few weeks, it’s our last kiddo, you can do it Paige.” If you’ve had a hard pregnancy, then you know exactly what kind of pep talks I’m talking about. Lol! I do want to disclaim that if you’ve never had a baby: do not let this scare you, no one has the same pregnancy, everyone has their own experiences, yours could be great and if so I’m very jealous! With all of this complaining what I’m trying to get around to saying is THANK YOU for your patience with me as I have been struggling through this first trimester. 

I wanted to take this time to update you so you didn’t think I was backing away from this platform because I have been doing quite the opposite actually as I build my website and push for more! I couldn’t do it without your support along with everyone around me- like they say: it truly does take a village!

IN OTHER BETTER NEWS: welcome to my website launch! I’ve been teasing you guys with this launch for months now. I’m so excited it’s finally here! I’ve worked so hard to get everything here and ready so the amazing team at Trek Your Mark could put this together and PERFECT it for me. It’s been an amazing journey with they and I look forward to working with them again in the future (I highly recommend you do too!). Let me know what you guys think of it and their amazing work. We’ve worked so hard to come up with every little detail from fonts, to colors, to patterns, and more! I’m SO happy with it and I hope you are too. I wanted to give you a chance to have a landing space of all things Paige. What I mean by that is: I can’t even keep up with my discount codes, affiliate links, sales and all so I know you can’t either! Everything I share and more will now be so much easier to find in this space. I have pages to help you to navigate to exactly what you’re looking for through me. A place to make shopping and saving easier!? Yes, please!! Leave a comment on my page to let me know you’ve dropped in and looked at my newest space, I’m so excited you’re here!